Advertising umbrella manufacturer: the function of advertising umbrella tent

2021-12-22 593

  1. Damage resistance

  For field travel, canvas tents, especially in the field for daily activities, the natural environment in the field is appropriately messy and covered, sometimes even called "life" and the environment is bad. In this environment, opening self-help apprentice travel activities is more serious to the wear and tear of clothing, shoes and hats. Therefore, the damage resistance of the participants' clothes and the functions of tear resistance, tension resistance, hook resistance and hanging resistance are the elements that the participants must consider. Obviously, field travelers, especially field walking white aid travel, should choose strong and wear-resistant clothes, shoes, hats, gloves and other clothing.

  As the saying goes, the weather is unpredictable. It is common for canvas tents to move in the wild. It is difficult to trek when it rains, snow, camping, rising, crossing the water and twisting the coconut in the mud. Therefore, before the field day advice, the selection of clothing should be considered to have good waterproof and moisture-proof function.

  2. Cold protection and heat insulation

  The unusual body surface temperature of the human body is 36.5 ℃, and the human body is exposed to too low or too high temperature for a long time, which is good for health. The sudden cold and heat of the ambient temperature and the large temperature difference are the characteristics of the environment of the field travel places that "donkey friends" compete to go to. Therefore, when purchasing outdoor clothes for daily movement, we should consider their cold and heat insulation effect, and try to choose those with good cold and heat insulation effect.


  3. Ventilation

  In the field of self-help travel, travelers consume a lot of body, and sweating is not called prevention. If the permeability of clothes and trousers is poor, it will form external ten internal dampness. Wet clothes and trousers cling to the body, which is not only very uncomfortable, but also harmful to health. Therefore, air permeability should be one of the factors to be considered in selecting field clothing.

  4. The canvas account is simple and concise

  White assisted field travel or seeking daily movement, travel and travel are exhibition points, simple and concise, redundant "clothes" are not suitable for field activities.

  5. It is conducive to specific external activities

  When selecting clothes and ways of dressing, it is often necessary to consider the special requirements for clothes for specially ordered field activities. For example, for Dengxing rock climbing outside the loan, we should try our best to follow the requirements of mountain climbing and rock climbing activities and huaige's own "clothes" and dress styles.

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