Advertising umbrella manufacturers: why advertising tents can be widely used

2021-12-22 668

  Now advertising accounts have become a hot topic. Promotion fairs, enterprise annual celebrations and job fairs are all applied to advertising accounts.

  Why can advertising accounts be widely used?

  1、 It can provide a place for outdoor activities, prevent the impact of wind, sun and rain, and play a good role in protecting the products placed inside.

  2、 Can stream through the streets, no longer restrict a place; It is also easy to support in planning and save time in using the season.

  3、 The purchase of advertising accounts can print relevant contents according to the characteristics of the enterprise, which has a clear and vivid function and does not fade in the face of the sun; There are also many choices of tarpaulin colors, which are bright and eye-catching.

  4、 It can provide a display prop for product promotion, create a promotion environment for product promotion, and add a publicity window for product promotion; Good publicity effect, no noise during use, people can bear it.


  6、 It's not difficult to buy accounts, and you can find the appropriate scale and materials.

  Dimensions: 2m * 2m, 2.5m * 2.5m, 2m * 3M, 3M * 3M, 3M * 4.5m, 3M * 6m; Top cloth: 420D, 600D, 800D, etc; Support: iron frame, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.

  7、 The materials used for the account are up to standard, of good quality and durable at all times.

  8、 At the end of use, the deposit can be shortened, the withdrawal is also very convenient, and it can be transported to the next activity place.

  Article source: advertising sun umbrella manufacturer

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